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VIDA Leather Accent Tag - WOOD GRAIN by VIDA
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The Power of Expectation (and Marketing)?

I hope in the above sections I convinced you that there is no consistent difference between the effects of indicas and sativas. Either one has the ability to give you an uplifting high or a stoned high.

So why do so many people cling to the notion that there is a large difference in the effects of sativa and indica strains? I can only speculate, but the psychology literature may provide some clues (see: VIDA Leather Statement Clutch black white mandala x by VIDA 8S2zl

So then why do companies market indica and sativa products? Simple – because that is what consumers expect. So a cycle has been formed that is now difficult to break. Budtenders explain the supposed difference in indica and sativa, people believe in this difference, which creates a market demand for sativa or indica-specific strains/products, companies continue to brand products as indica or sativa to meet market demand, and then idea that there is such a difference is further reinforced.

This has even been confirmed by one of the very companies that make edible products from both indica and sativa plants. They start with cannabis oil that has virtually no other cannabinoids besides THC and their extraction process removes almost all terpenes.

I asked the head of production: “So what is the difference between your indica and sativa products if they both contain only THC and have no terpenes?”

He smiled and said, “I know that is a trick question!”.

“So then why do you produce both, when they are essentially the same?”

“Because that is what people expect.”

Is The Cannabis Industry Moving Away From Indica vs. Sativa?

I’m seeing a recent trend where companies focus on specific effects rather than it being derived from indica/sativa, or even a specific strain for that matter. For example:

Hmblt : bliss, sleep, calm, arouse, passion

Canndescent : calm, cruise, create, connect, charge


Whether there is adequate science to back up the claimed effects of these different formulations is a story for another day. But I believe that this is the beginning of the end for the “sedating indica”/”uplifting sativa” false dichotomy.

[Featured image: Max Pixel]


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8 Mar 2018

Thank you for your efforts in researching this post. I’m a senior citizen whose been looking for an uplifting potion for my midday burnout. I was convinced a sativa extract would work for me. You’ve convinced me to accept that at 78 there is no solution for my condition. Thanks again


5 May 2018

There is. I take CBD and it stops that midday drop. I take morning and afternoon and it clears the fog and makes me alert and awake.


5 May 2018

That’s not what the author is saying. You just need to find a strain that is uplifting. I would suggest Super Lemon Haze or Jack Herer…..they are both very uplifting and help beat that afternoon burnout.

Brad Baird

6 Jan 2018

I’ve been saying this for years. As a grower I can adjust the effects ts further by harvesting earlier or later too. Early harvest produces a cerebral buzz, late harvest produces couch lock.


3 Jan 2018

Hello! I’ve been waiting for an article like this! I’ve been questioning this for some time. I am glad you made this article. Thank you!

What can you tell me about the legal cannabis they have in Uruguay? They have 2 different varieties, with basically the same THC and CBD percentages. But one is Indica and the other is Sativa, and they say they are different in effects. Can you also comment on this specific subject? I think its important.

Thank you so much and good work

Jamin Puech HANDBAGS Handbags su YOOXCOM 0RyZdL

3 Jan 2018

Any two particular strains can be very different. It’s when you compare the average of all indicas and the average of all sativas that they look very similar. I would try to find out if they did terpene profiling on these two strains. If these are the only two available, I would be surprised if they haven’t. If the effects are different, then the terpene profiles should be different too.

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5 Benefits of a Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign

Posted on by Prada Lux Double Zip Frame Tote Saffiano Leather dBUtIVY

There are a lot of things you can do to VIDA Tote Bag angel tote by VIDA aBbFokU5at
, but every user is different and it can be difficult to optimize your landing pages to facilitate a conversion. So, what happens to potential clients who might have been interested in your services but weren’t ready to pull the trigger?

If you aren’t aware, remarketing is a VIDA Leather Statement Clutch Clutch red white by VIDA qt7VmlSn
that allows you to target an audience who has already visited your website. It is important to focus on all audiences in different stages of the buying cycle. Without doing so, you are simply wasting time and money; but what are the main advantages of implementing remarketing? Let’s check out these five benefits of a Google AdWords remarketing campaign.

Custom Graphics and Brand Awareness

A lot of search engine marketers will only target the search network, which only involves ad text – no graphics. With a remarketing campaign, you can serve your ads with custom graphics that may appeal more to the end user. Of course, you can still target the search network, but in my experience, the display network tends to facilitate a higher click through rate.

Additionally, you can include your logo in these graphics, which will associate a brand to your service.

Some people respond more to text, while others respond to imagery. If you’re not cognizant of how users respond to your ads, you’re not only misusing your time, your missing out on leads, as well.

More Targeted Ad Copy

It makes sense to target users with different ad copy in relation to those who are visiting your website for the first time. For example, you might say this to a first-time user: “Atlanta Widgets For Sale – 10% Off On Sign-Up – Call Today.” With someone who has already visited your website, however, it makes more sense to change the verbiage to something like this: “Still In Need Of Widgets? Check Out Some of the Widgets You Might Have Missed.”

You don’t want to turn away potential customers because your product or service seems a bit too costly, or they’re simply not sold. However, as they are browsing other websites and your ad appears, that may be the final push to purchase. The question is, would you speak to them the same way as you would to a first-time user? No, you wouldn’t, so why do it online?

Lower Cost Per Clicks

Generally speaking, remarketing campaigns have a higher click through rate than regular display advertising campaigns. The people you are targeting are already familiar with your service or product; therefore, they are much more likely to click on your ad. You have to get the initial click in order to get a conversion. The higher your click-through rate is, the better chance you have of improving your conversion rate.

Higher Conversion Rates

The ultimate goal in Internet marketing, no matter the industry, is to get some sort of interaction out of the end user. Whether that’s through a form submission, a document download or an online sale, we want the user to engage. Someone who has already educated themselves about your product or service is one step further in the buying cycle than those visiting your site for the first time. These users are far more likely to take the next step than a new visitor.

Specific Site Selection

With remarketing, you can review which websites are performing the best in relation to click through and conversion rates. If you have a website serving your ads, and it is sending users who aren’t converting, you can prevent your ads from being served there. By only serving your ads on websites that are relevant to your business, you can help improve your return on investment.

If you have questions about remarketing and whether or not it’s a good fit for your business, contact us today.

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